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1. On Thursday, May 24 2018, 21:36 by Slick

Welcome to our web site. Your comments are our way of knowing what the company is doing right or wrong. If you have any complaints or complements this is how we can fix anything wrong. Let us know how were doing. Thank you!

2. On Sunday, August 12 2018, 01:28 by Trey

It would be nice if all the phone lines weren't busy for a solid 20 minutes right now at this hour?! My friend is just waiting for someone to put the phones back on the hook! Why would you even allow the phones to be busy when you even promote the "don't drink & drive...we'll even drive your car from the bar to your house" ???! Not one of your shuttles has been there when you say they will, and we're not talking about 5 minutes late, we're talking anywhere from 30-1 hour wait?! The town isn't THAT BIG?! You might be the only gig in town, but when you continuously DROP THE BALL as a business that boasts everything but does absolutely nothing...people will find an alternative to the problem! Slick himself knows what happened to his old partner, the same thing can & will happen if you don't start acting like an OWNER instead of continuously allowing YOUR CUSTOMERS TO BE CONSTANTLY DISRESPECTED AND INCONVENIENCED BECAUSE OF THE EGO'S THAT ARE RUNNING IT OR WORKING THERE! Get it together Kent! We, as CUSTOMERS deserve to be treated a little better, don't you think..since WE are the reason why you can be in the business, right? Unless our money is no good?

3. On Thursday, August 16 2018, 12:28 by Slick

we are having problems with the phone losing contact with the internet. Slick's has been working with the provider to correct the problem. So just keep trying the two numbers provided (520) 458-1888 or 458-5022.

The town is not that big, however, when you have customers call for a ride, and there either not there or they cancel when the driver gets their causes a longer delay in getting to the next customer. Other problem we have is when the shuttle gets there, the customer not ready and sometimes the driver has to wait 10 to 15 minutes. If the customers work with us would be beneficial to everybody concerned.

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